B’day Bash Dances

A video compilation of dances taught in Hamilton, October 2020, celebrating 25 years of Folk Dance New Zealand available here.

New Wave Folk Dancing

Rae Storey

Resources for schools, pre-schools and groups of all ages.

Folk Dance Problem Solvers

The FDNZ Library includes a full set of Folk Dance Problem Solvers. These are a series of booklets published annually since 1987 that describe the details of many international folk dances, often including their history and other interesting information. The booklets are published by Ron Houston at the Society of Folk Dance Historians in the US.


FDNZ members may borrow these booklets from the library. Up to 3 booklets may be borrowed at one time, for up to 2 weeks at a time. To make a request send an e-mail to the editor, Kieron –

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