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Celtic Circle Dances Workshop

A weekend workshop of Celtic circle dances organised and facilitated by Fiona Murdoch of Dance Folkus, began on Saturday morning at the Caledonian Society Hall in Hamilton.  The dances were taught by English tutors, Cindy Kelly and Adrian Pointon, who choreographed all the dances that were taught. 

We warmed up with a gentle dance called “Our Hero” (track title, Mo Ghile Mear) to the music of The Chieftains and Sting, and enjoyed throughout the day a variety of rhythms and steps to contemporary Celtic folk music, such as Clannard, John McCusker, Capercaillie and Runrig, to name a few. 

Morning and afternoon tea sessions were also enjoyed with enthusiasm consisting of a great selection of home baking delights by Fiona and her husband Alec Calderwood.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow dancers from further afield as some had travelled from Hastings, Tauranga and Auckland as well as local dancers from Hamilton, Cambridge and Morrinsville. 

Sunday continued in the same vein with new dances being taught and revision of the dances learnt the day before.  Another great selection of steps and rhythms.

The workshops were held in the Circle Dance style with a circular centre piece made of fabric depicting a Celtic knot on which stood a vase of colourful flowers from Fiona’s garden.  The focus was on maintaining the circle and those within it and a period of silence followed each dance with the circle maintained, to reflect on the dance we had just done. 

Noelene Barr

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